Welcome to our Catskill Mountain Home

We invite you to come for a visit and enjoy the serenity of the Catskill Mountains. This secluded environment offers the peace
and quiet you expect from a weekend getaway. Easily accessible to the Ashokan Reservoir, Woodstock , local food stores, ski resorts, tubing, hiking, mountain biking and cycling. Or if you prefer sit by the stream and relax.

Located in West Shokan and built about 200 years ago, this house and surrounding property was confiscated by New York state after a raid by authorities revealed a large scale bootlegging operation. It was believed to be the largest in the Northeast.

Back then, the house was surrounded by three barns, the largest of which housed the still, today only one barn remains standing. The house had numerous exits, trap doors, and a bell system to warn of any police action. The stream that wraps around the property offered protection via a plank bridge that would clatter to warn of potential threats coming over it. The Law enforcement community for years believed that no large trucks carrying moonshine could possibly cross the tiny bridge. They were unaware of the rail road rails beneath the wooden planks.

It wasn't until a law enforcement plane flying overhead in winter discovered that a roof of one of the barns had no snow. This clue led to the raid and seizure of the property.